My Stories

“The Last Ice Eel”  The lone boy at a space colony conspires to slay a dangerous extraterrestrial species thought to have been exterminated. Short story. Genre: Science fiction adventure (selected as part of Spontaneous Combustion Volume Two, a 24 hour writing contest).


“Now Hiring!”  A town crier desperately tries to recruit young children as knights and squires for the kingdom’s incompetent king. Short story. Genre: Fantasy comedy (selected for Word Brew V, watch video of me reading it here).


“Hotdish Hell”  A small-town chef conspires to win a corrupt hotdish contest in order to land his own cable TV show. Short story. Genre: Dark comedy (selected as part of Spontaneous Combustion Volume One, a 24 hour writing contest).


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“The Pakistan Conspiracy”  Two young siblings run a tech-support business, but are unprepared for a paranoid client hacked by an espionage agency. Short screenplay.  Genre: Comedy (contest winner and part of a web series in development).


“Happy Ending”  Contemplation on the impossible task of writing a factual, happy Israel-Palestine story. The result is a story about two children, sworn enemies, who come up with a creative solution to this tragic conflict. Short story. Genre: meta-fiction/satire (selected for Mizna’s Volume 10).





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Tunnel Tours  A book series about underground places and animals. Novelty board books. Genre: Creative non-fiction.




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The Beagle Brigade  When Cindee discovers a litter of abandoned beagles, she gets her neighborhood to adopt them all. But the puppies start howling, then disappearing. When Cindee’s gang discovers why, she vows to save their pets, even if it tears her family and neighborhood apart. Middle grade novel. Genre: Mystery/Adventure.


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Tomb of the Thick Fur Woods  During Minnesota’s 1866 gold rush, looming dangers unite an Ojibwe boy and an orphaned Scandinavian boy. Together, they battle blizzards, starvation, and supernatural forces. But as prospectors continue pouring into Ojibwe territory, war threatens to engulf the entire region. Middle grade novel. Genre: Supernatural historical fiction.


Big Buck Ballyhoo  A bumbling farmer raises a rare trophy buck, but when the deer escapes he faces bankruptcy unless he catches the deer before greedy mayhem engulfs his tiny community. Feature screenplay. Genre: Comedy (contest finalist).


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“Family Fracas”  Sibling rivalry escalates as a brother and sister wager their precious toys on a model train and Hot Wheels race.  Short screenplay. Genre: Comedy (contest finalist).



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“Bunker Buddies”  Deep underground, America’s surviving leaders try to save humanity from a robot revolution.  Short screenplay. Genre: Sci-fi comedy (contest finalist).



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“Harmony”  When a boy gets his first BB gun, he unwittingly kills his new neighbor’s pet squirrel. Short screenplay. Genre: Drama (contest finalist).




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“Tommy’s Tea Time”  Tommy’s pyromania forces his family to move, but in their new neighborhood a young girl may be his nemesis. Short screenplay. Genre: Dark comedy (contest semi-finalist).



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“Green Planet”  Teenagers clash over artistic differences while struggling to make a no-budget magitech webseries. Short screenplay. Genre: Comedy (contest finalist).